What Causes Arthritis? And What Lifestyle Changes Can Help People Suffering From Arthritis?

A twinge in the knee or a creaking sound from the hip bone is not something that you should ignore. Many elderly people often overlook joint pain thinking these aches are part of ageing. Pain could be a sign of arthritis. Not treating arthritis can make pain worse and adversely affect the quality of life. Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. Arthritis is the umbrella term to describe different kinds of arthritis. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common types of arthritis. Pain, stiffness and inflammation in the joints are the most common symptoms.

Causes of Arthritis

The causes of arthritis depend on the type of arthritis. Some of the common causes include:

Normal wear and tear: As you grow old, the cartilage tissue in the joints break down due to normal wear and tear. Cartilage is a connective tissue in the joints. It is the cartilage that helps the joints to move and bend smoothly. When the cartilage tissue is damaged, it leads to osteoarthritis. You are at risk of developing osteoarthritis if you have a family history of the condition.

Lyme disease: Those who have Lyme disease are likely to develop Lyme arthritis. Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria and it is transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected tick. The bacteria infest the joints and cause inflammation, leading to pain in the joints.

Overactive immune system: A person is said to have an overactive immune system when the body attacks its own tissues. An overactive immune system leads to inflammatory arthritis and this type of arthritis can affect several joints at the same time.

Lifestyle Changes Living with arthritis can be quite difficult. Daily tasks like lifting objects and playing sports are strenuous for people living with arthritis. The pain and stiffness in the joints can affect the quality of life. However, there are several things you can do to live a quality life. Here are some of the lifestyle changes that you can make:

Keep moving:The best way to relieve joint pain is to exercise regularly. Indulge in low-impact exercises like walking and swimming. All forms of exercise that do not put too much pressure on your joints are good. Regular exercise keeps the joints flexible and relieves the pain.

Maintain a healthy weight: It is important to maintain an ideal weight especially if you are suffering from knee pain. The more you weigh, the more pressure you will exert on your knee joint.

Have a healthy diet: There are many food items that have anti-inflammatory properties and eating them regularly can help relieve some of the joint pain associated with arthritis. Ginger and garlic are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Include broccoli, walnuts spinach in your diet.

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