The Wonders of being Physically Active

One of the most important things that can work wonders for your good health is physical activity. A balanced nutrition along with proper and regular physical activity can help you stay fit and healthy. Being physically active reduces the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. Further, staying active and fit helps prevent unnecessary weight gain and helps to strengthen your bones and muscles.  Further, physical activity also improves body functions like mood, mobility and energy level.

People of all ages and gender need regular physical activity. Physical activity enhances good health, and let you stay active all throughout your life.  A minimum of 30 minutes a day of physical activity is recommended to enjoy being staying active.

Most people believe that physical activity and exercise are synonymous. But, this is not so. There are certain differences between physical activity and exercise. The two concepts have a difference in approach. Exercise may be defined as a structured, scheduled and driven activity with a specific objective- for example you may exercise with the aim of building muscles, lose weight or gain a six pack structure or just to stay fit. On the other side, physical activity is a movement that engages your body muscles keeping you fit and fine. A calorie-burning process comprising a set of attributes that are usually health-related and help you keep fit. Physical activity like walking or running may not build your muscles; however, regular practice keeps you in shape and fit from within. It helps you keep refreshed and free from stress, anxiety, depression etc.

Importance of Physical Activity

Being physically active brings you many psychological land emotional benefits, besides keeping you healthy and fit. Therefore, it is vital to engage yourself in regular physical activity. Some of the benefits of physical activity are:

Helps you stay fit: The most important function of being physically active is that it helps you stay active and physically fit. It helps you prevent indigestion, muscle pain, chronic headache, back pain etc. and keeps you in young from within.

Protects you from disease: Being active and fit means you are in good health. Serious health issues including weight loss can be reduced if you practice regular physical activity. Further, several diseases like

1.Heart disease


3.High blood pressure

4.Low back pain

5.Muscle pain

6.Type 2 diabetes and

7.Some types of cancer

can be kept under control with regular physical activity.

Strengthens your muscles and bones: With age, your muscles and bones become weaker and as such it’s very important to protect them and keep them healthy. Regular physical activity like walking, jogging, stretching etc. ensure your muscles, joints, bones stay healthy.

Boosts your mood: It is seen that physical activity improves mood and acts as stress reliever, because of release of a certain type of chemicals called endorphins that act as natural relievers. Endorphins are also said to be responsible for increasing the feeling of euphoria and vitality that you experience after doing physical activity, and that what keep you refreshed the whole day.

Prevents cardiovascular disease: A regular engagement of moderate physical activity lowers the risk of stroke and heart disease. Regular physical activity also lowers your blood pressure and improves your cholesterol levels.

Improves functioning in people with chronic diseases: To manage certain chronic conditions, physical activity plays an important role. It helps you by:

1.Boosting your endurance level, and strength

2.Helps you control weight

3.Helps you respire easily

4.Helps you move with lesser pain

5.Prevents worsening of certain chronic diseases

Improves memory and concentration level: Not just body fitness, practicing regular physical activity can improve your memory and concentration level. Physical activity increases blood and oxygen flow in your body and brain, which help in boosting the memory power.

Helps to get a good sleep: Practicing physical activity every day helps you to get a better sleep and keep you fresh the following day. When you are asleep, your body resets your immune system, renews the energy level, improves working of heart and improves the memory system. So, engaging in physical activity during the day may help you to distress and let you have a sound sleep.

Improves muscles mass: No physical activity can result in muscle weakness, which causes many health problems like muscle pain, bone problems, falls and fractures. Generally, with age muscle mass declines; however, regular physical activity helps you regain muscle mass and slows this decline helping you maintain a balanced and healthy body weight. Increased muscle mass reduce the risk of bone problems like osteoporosis and other bone problems.

Improves quality of life: If you are into physical activity, you will feel better. Improving self-esteem, feeling of competence, satisfaction can increase with physical activity.

Thus, it is seen that a minimum amount of every day physical activity ensures not only good health and helps you keeping fit, it improves mood and quality of life, and also helps reduce the risk of certain diseases including that of heart and diabetes. So be active and be healthy.



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