Major Surya Rai

Dear Dr. Bhutia Saheb

A short note to say just how much I have appreciated your time and patience in looking after my Mother, Jusbany Rai who is been in your care for the last few weeks. That she has make it so far in such marvellous news and I shall put it down to your expertise and help – My family and I remain enormously grateful for all that and more. Can I also mention that your Junior Doctors, Nurses and other professionals have been equally helpful and their service has been superb. I will be grateful if my words of Thank you can be passed accordingly.

My mother’s Condition remains serious still and I have been receiving updates on her progress or lack thereof on a daily basis. I know that with her advanced age, she will find many minor complications rather difficult to overcome-her week state of health and by extension, her immune system is a major consideration-It adds to it clearly. I sincerely hope, she will pull through yet again. Thank you once again.