Patient Testimonial

Suruchi, Sumit & entire Jindal Family

The Turnaround story of two Helpless Parents

Dedicated to Dr. Prince Parakh, Junior Doctors and the entire staff and team of NICU of Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital.

On 20th November 2017 it was a lost case for us parents, Suruchi & Sumit Jindal, when we learnt from our Gynaecologist that the Baby in the womb is not getting enough blood Supply and oxygen and that the CSF fluid is alarmingly low and if we don’t go for operation Immediately, then we may lose our baby and even the Mothers life is in Danger.

We are resident of Kalimpong and had come to Siliguri for just Normal USG and the report left us shocked, distressed and winded. We were at bay and did not know what to do when one of our close friends talked to Dr.Prince Parakh and Dr.P K Roy in Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital at 9 pm at Night and they agreed to deliver and take care of our child .We got admitted around 9:15 and were in much stress and discomfort. But to God’s grace and blessings everything went off well and at 12:05 am on 21st Nov, 2017, we were blessed with cute baby girl. Being pre mature, he was grossly underweight and having breathing problems, here, the most experienced Dr.Prince Parakh took over my baby and started treating her in the best possible way. It was a very difficult moment for our entire family and the first 72 hours were crucial. The baby was kept in NICU and the entire staff, Nurses, Doctor and specially Dr.Prince was continuously monitoring her. With continuous effort of Dr.Prince and all other NICU staff, our child survived the 72 hours and was kept under Normal breathing. Thereafter she was kept in NICU for total 16 days and each day she was given the best cure, love and affection.

Now she is almost one month old and has gained some weight as well .All her tests like ECHO, USG etc. are coming good we have a sweet little angel at home now. For her life and for her wellbeing we are highly obliged to Dr.Prince Parakh and other Doctors and all the Nurses and Staff of NICU OF Neotia Getwel. We will be ever grateful to you all.

Major Surya Rai

Dear Dr. Bhutia Saheb

A short note to say just how much I have appreciated your time and patience in looking after my Mother, Jusbany Rai who is been in your care for the last few weeks. That she has make it so far in such marvellous news and I shall put it down to your expertise and help – My family and I remain enormously grateful for all that and more. Can I also mention that your Junior Doctors, Nurses and other professionals have been equally helpful and their service has been superb. I will be grateful if my words of Thank you can be passed accordingly.

My mother’s Condition remains serious still and I have been receiving updates on her progress or lack thereof on a daily basis. I know that with her advanced age, she will find many minor complications rather difficult to overcome-her week state of health and by extension, her immune system is a major consideration-It adds to it clearly. I sincerely hope, she will pull through yet again. Thank you once again.

Bihwithi Brahma

I would like to inform that Dr.Brahma Dev Singh’s treatment is excellent. I am very thankful to him because he had saved my Daughters Life. I has never seen such a Wonderful and Polite Doctor. So last but not the least you are God to us Doctor .Each & every department of the Hospital service is excellent.