Single port(hole) laparoscopic appendicectomy perfomed on a 5 year old boy

A 5 year old boy was admitted at Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre with Complaints of abdominal pain.The child was diagnosed and found to have Appendicitis. After evaluation the child’s parents opted to go for single port (one Hole) laproscopic appendicectomy (SILS).

Traditionally lap appendectomy requires 3 small incisions on the abdomen for the completion of the procedure. However the procedure was done by single umbilical port (incision) only by Dr.Manish Madhav (consultant Pediatric surgeon) successfully at Neotia Getwel healthcare centre, Department of Paediatric Surgery.The Patient recovered well and began to accept orally after 8 hours of post operation and was discharged on the next day after surgery.Performing laparoscopic surgery on a 5 year old child requires very high level of expertise. There are very few centers in the country to perform single hole laparoscopic surgeries in children.

Single Port (hole) laparoscopic surgery is a revolution in the field of surgical procedure and has witnessed higher level of interest due to its small single incision (Skin Cuts) that results in less pain, fast recovery. Dr.Manish Madhav says the most significant advantage of single hole over multiple ports (holes) laparoscopic surgery is no scar is visible after surgery (As the single cut is hidden in the umbilicus naval).

Paediatric surgery is now added to the gamut of services at NeotiaGetwel Healthcare Centre, located in Uttarayon, behind city Centre, Siliguri .Avast range of paediatric surgery and paediatric urology services wherein children of all age groups with various surgical conditions can be successfully operated. Pediatric surgery services offered in the hospital is equivalent in quality to those rendered anywhere in India.