Rare Arthroscopic Surgery Performed on Patient with torn knee ligament at Neotia Getwel

A young policeman from Siliguri met with a serious road traffic accident, nearly a month back.
Following the accident ,he was unable to stand and walk due to severe pain and swelling in his knee joint .When the pain became unbearable, he visited Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital and consulted Dr. Prasoon Anand , Sr.Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon of the Hospital. After thorough investigation and examination it was found that his three out of four knee ligaments was torn, due to the accident. (Ligaments are rope like structures around the knee joint, which provides stability to joint and prevents them from dislocating).

In order to cure the Patient  , a complex & tough  surgery was needed , called  “Arthroscopic Multi ligamentous Reconstruction of knee joint “, which is considered to be a very challenging and rare orthopedic procedure and is performed mostly in bigger cities by experienced surgeons. However, the surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Prasoon Anand, and all torn ligaments were reconstructed in single sitting, using specialized instruments, through key hole incisions at Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital.

After operation the patient has recovered quickly and is able to walk painlessly and expected to join his duty very soon.