Neotia Getwel Successfully performs Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery on a 26 year old girl with hole in heart – For the first time ever Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery Performed in Siliguri

Neotia Getwel MultispecialtyHospital has been performing a large number of Cardio Thoracic & Vascular surgeries with successful outcomes and thus, is fulfilling the increasing need for cardiac surgery in the region by providing Cardio Thoracic surgery treatment at per international standard.

Recently a 26 year old girl got a new life after undergoing successful Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery to repair hole of heart. The girl was brought to the Emergency Department with breathing difficulty and palpitation. She was evaluated and found to have a large hole in the heart (OS-ASD) which required immediate closure. A decision was taken by expert team of Doctors led by Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon Dr. Rajeev Trehan to conduct this surgery through minimal invasive technique by making a 2 inch incision in the right side of her chest. The surgery went on successfully and the girl was discharged on the 4th operative day. She is now doing well and is living a normal & healthy life. Following these surgery two more patients got benefitted from Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery. While one patient was treated with Mitral Valve Replacement and the other patient with Aortic Valve Replacement through the minimal invasive procedure.

“In Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery small incision is made on the right side of the chest to reach the heart between the ribs, rather than cutting through breast bone as done in conventional open heart surgery where a 10 -15 cm incision is made over breast bone. In this case considering the young age of the patient, her demand for early return to work and her rare blood group it was decided upon to perform the surgery through Minimally Invasive Technique with only two-inch incision over chest and it went very successfully” said Dr. Rajeev Trehanwho carries with him an extensive experience of performing a large number of Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery. Dr. Trehan was associated with Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad prior to joining Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital.


Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery is a complex procedure and initially when it was introduced there were very few takers but with the advancement of technology now it is possible to conduct many surgeries through MICS approach as compared to previous decade by highly trained and experienced Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon backed by finest infrastructure, modern equipments and world-class intensive care setup.

Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery involves several benefits like less blood loss, lower risk of infection, reduced trauma & pain, shorter time in hospital, faster recovery and thus quick return to normal activity and most importantly very small & less noticeable scars