Neotia Getwel performs first revision Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Successful Revision Total Hip Replacement surgery was performed on a 65 years old man who had been operated 5 years back for hip fracture elsewhere. After being operated he was unable to walk and bear weight. He had been operated by changing his hip ball by an artificial one (prosthesis).

X-ray was done and it was seen that stem of the prosthesis was broken and head had migrated inside pelvis. He was advised for Revision Total Hip Replacement by Dr. Abhishek Agarwal, Consultant Orthopaedics at Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital.

Revision Hip Surgery is performed to replace a worn out, painful or infected prosthesis. The same has been performed first time in entire North Bengal. An experienced set of professionals and an excellent Operation Theatre set up adds up to the wings of the Department of Orthopaedics, Neotia Getwel’s Centre for Joint Replacement.

The hospital has the largest OT setup in the entire North Bengal. It has well-equipped and dedicated Orthopaedic surgery complexes with laminar flow, image intensifier, operating microscope, computer navigation system & top of the line arthroscopy system. The team comprises of Dr. Sourabh Shirguppe (Ex. Consultant of Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad & Appolo Bhilai), Dr. Abhishek Agarwal (Primary surgeon in the said case) & Dr. Somsubhra Pal.

In the year 2010, after having encountered a major accident, while working at FCI, Mr. Asit Baran Kundu had a log fallen from a height of 30ft.on his hip, which resulted in the fracture of his hip joint. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where his hip joint ball was replaced. After 2-3 months of the surgery he started experiencing unbearable pain on his hips, then, he decided to consult another doctor who could suggest something better.

After series of invetigatons conducted by a doctor at Patna, he was told that the replaced hip ball has damaged and needs a replacement. He consulted his previous doctor again, who further suggested to go for a Revision Hip Replacement Surgery at Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospitalby Dr. Abhishek Agarwal.

The complete operation took around 5 hours. The operation was successful and he was mobilised from the very 2nd day of operation with support. The patient was hospitalised for a very short duration of time and was discharged the 5th day. The patient satisfactorily remarked, “I am thankful to Dr. Abhishek Agarwal and the Team for giving me a second life. The unbearable pain in my hip joints had made my living very difficult. But now, I am confident enough that I will recover soon, my pain has started subsiding. I feel relieved. Thanks again”.