Neotia Getwel Performs first Cardiac Open Heart Surgery

The first open heart surgery at Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre, Siliguri was performed on a 60 year old lady from Bhutan suffering from Rheumatic Heart Disease for last 45 years . She developed severe stenosis of her Mitral Valve over the years, a condition called Mitral Stenosis. (Mitral valve stenosis or mitral stenosis is the narrowing of the hearts mitral valve).In this condition the abnormal valve doesn’t open properly blocking blood flow into the main pumping chamber of the heart.

She was having shortness of breath and palpitations. The pressure within her lungs was high. Her heart beat has become irregular, which can lead to clots being developed in her heart leading to serious health complications like stroke or gangrene of the limbs. She was not able to sleep in her bed straight and had to get up frequently at night due to shortness of breath. She also had failure to grow and she weighted only 35 kg.

D.Rajnish Duara, Consultant Cardio Thoracic & Vascular surgeon at Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre evaluated and taken her for open heart surgery. Her natural heart valve was replaced with a mechanical prosthetic valve. The lady made an uneventful recovery with five days and was discharged from the hospital in the 5th post-operative day .The lady is doing well and has returned to her active life in Bhutan. Her symptoms have totally disappeared and she has been leashed a new life.

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)/ Open Heart surgery is now added to the gamut of services at Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre .A vast range of cardiac surgery are being successfully performed at the hospital. The Centre meets the requirement of the growing number of patients with heart diseases in the region.