Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital successfully treated a patient with multiple major health conditions.

A 75 years old female from Jalpaiguri was admitted on 27th March 2023 under Dr. Tanmoy Paul, Consultant- Neurology of Neotia Getwel with the chief complaint of generalized weakness especially in the left side of the body. She had the past medical history of hypertension, hypothyroidism along with LS spondylosis. Based on the clinical findings she was treated as a case of Ischemic Stroke. Ischemic stroke is a condition when blood clots block the blood vessels in the brain. At the same time, she was also diagnosed with Septic Metabolic Encephalopathy and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). The above diagnosis was further substantiated with CT scan which showed sub-acute infarct. The general condition of the patient improved substantially and she was discharged in a haemodynamically stable condition.