Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital successfully operated a critical case of Recurrent Abdominal Hernia with Advanced Laparoscopic Scarless Hernia Surgery technique.

Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital, Siliguri has always been a trusted place for world class surgical care in the North Bengal, serving people from North Bengal’s dooars region, hills region, Sikkim, Bihar & Lower Assam.

Recently the Department of Advanced Laparoscopic & General Surgery of Neotia Getwel served a middle-aged woman from Siliguri with Advanced Laparoscopic Scarless Hernia Surgery.

The patient had developed severe pain in abdomen, swelling on her belly and recurrent vomiting not passing Flatus and motion for 1 day. Previously she was operated twice for belly Hernia which was open Hernia Surgery but soon after both surgeries again hernia developed. She decided to consult with Dr. Bijendra Kumar Sinha ,Senior Consultant – Minimal Access Bariatric and GI Surgery in Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital, after inquiry through internet and relatives. CT Scan and other investigation details revealed a very large recurrent Belly (Abdominal) Hernia in which a small bowel loop was obstructed and large Divarication of Recti was presented causing pain, vomiting and swelling and thus, had to be treated immediately to avoid future complications like Gangrene of bowel.

The Mid Age female was worried about her commitments and fearful to again open Hernia Surgery for which she had suffered a lot previously. Dr. Bijendra Kumar Sinha counselled the advanced scar-less Laparoscopic Hernia Procedure. She successfully underwent the scar – less laparoscopic IPOM Plus and Laparoscopic divarication of Recti Repair at Neotia Hospital recently, patient back fit to pursue her commitments.

“Unlike the open Hernia Surgery which conventionally requires open midline cut in the abdomen and takes longer time to recover, Scar less Advanced Hernia Surgery is newer and advanced procedure in which Laparoscopically the hernia defect will be closed with suture and Divarication of Recti will also be closed with suture by only three small cuts is made in belly area and sealed using special medical grade Waterproof glue. Since the incision made is Very small the pain is less and the patient has a quicker recovery. Getting back to normal life within 4 – 5 days,” said Dr. Bijendra Kumar Sinha.

Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the entire region where single Incision Gallbladder surgery, Scarless Laparoscopic complex Hernia Surgery and Laparoscopic GI cancer surgery is being performed regularly.  that requires training and a higher degree of skill.

“Very few centres have been able to establish this technique for regular use in which Neotia Hospital regularly does these procedures. I suffered acute pain, recurrent vomiting and not having flatus (gas) for 1 day. I am glad that I could consult Dr. Sinha is in Neotia Hospital got myself operated under his skilled hands. I have fully recovered without any operative mark on my body. I thank the Doctor for this prompt surgery and helping me,” said the patient.