Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital, Siliguri remarkably performs Multiple Oncology Surgery over the past One year with Successful Outcome – A new ray of light on Cancer treatment in North – East Region

Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital has been performing a large number of surgical oncology to treat tumours & cancerous diseases, reaching the ever increasing need for Cancer Treatment in this North – East Region with great efficiency and skill even amidst the pandemic also.  Over the last one year , Neotia Getwel has been successful in performing a good number of surgical oncology to treat multiple cancers like Breast Cancer , Colon Cancer & Stomach Cancer. Here is some success stories of surgical oncology performed at Neotia Getwel with incredible outcome.

A 32 years old woman from Meghalaya was admitted in Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital with certain complications which was neither properly diagnosed nor treated for the past 2 years. Stating about her complications, the team of doctors at Neotia Getwel suggested her to undergo a biopsy which showed that she has carcinoma Breast or breast cancer which required complete removal. She underwent MRM or Modified Radical Mastectomy for the surgical removal of her breast cancer by Dr. Saravanan Ramanathan , Consultant – Laparoscopic General & Oncology Surgeon of Neotia Getwel. The surgery was successful and there were no residual tumour found in biopsy. Even after a year later , no recurrence of tumour or metastasis were found in her body.

Colorectal Cancer, in spite of being comparatively less prevalent in India than the western countries, has become the seventh leading cause of mortality. Few months ago, a patient from Nepal got admitted at Neotia Getwel with stage – III Colon Cancer which had spread throughout the wall of his abdomen. Such cancers require immediate surgical removal. A team of doctors lead by Dr. Ramanathan took decision of performing Extended Left Hemicolectomy on him to remove his cancer. This surgery too was successful with no signs of residual tumour in the colon. “A left hemicolectomy, involves removing the left side of the colon along with nodes around vessels supplying blood to the colon. This is usually done to remove the cancer of the left colon. This involves life – saving benefits such as relieving obstruction, perfusion & bleeding of tumour which can lead to death along with complete removal of cancer & malignant tumours & improving bowel movements”, says Dr. Ramanathan.

Another type of dangerous cancer diagnosed in elderly people is Stomach cancer. Recently, a 70 years old lady got admitted to Neotia Getwel with severe internal beeding from the stomach. She was bleeding so rigorously that her haemoglobin went down to 4. She underwent a biopsy & was diagnosed with carcinoma stomach or stomach cancer. Seeing the severity of the condition Dr. Ramanathan performed partial Gastrectomy with lymph node dissection & reconstruction of Stomach. The surgery went on successfully and her haemoglobin raised to the normal level. Later, in the post-surgery biopsy no residual tumour or metastasis were found.

Surgical oncology is a field of medicine where surgical intervention is done to treat cancer. It requires a surgeon skilled enough to resect the tumour without damaging the important anatomical structure surrounding the tumour. Surgical oncology is helpful for people during the early stages of cancer or when the tumour leads to severe blood loss. Reconstruction of natural anatomy plays main role in cancer surgery due to which patients can have a very normal lifestyle after surgery”, states Dr. Saravanan Ramanathan who is performing various types of oncology surgery with great expertise and successful outcome at Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital, Siliguri.