A new ray of hope in Brain Stroke & Paralysis Treatment

Stroke (Brain Attack) is a devastating health problem and a life-changing event that affects not only the people who are affected, but their family as well. The annual Incidence rate of Brain stroke per 1 lakh population in this region is more than 200 and of them approximately 40 % die, 40 % become permanently disabled & only 20 % can return to their normal life. Whenever one thinks of paralysis & brain stroke the picture that comes to one’s mind is of a person who is completely or partially dependent on others even for his day to day activities. But for Mr Roshan lal Agarwal it has been a completely different story altogether . He has been lucky enough to be the 1st person in North Bengal & adjacent region on whom a new type of treatment for brain Stroke and paralysis was performed on 21st march in Neotia Getwel Healthcare centre in Siliguri claims Dr.JoydeepDey, Stroke specialist and Neurologist of Neotia Getwel Multispecialty Hospital.

Mr Agarwal developed paralysis of his right hand and right leg & was unable to speak or understand properly due to brain stroke, where blood supply to a particular area in his brain was suddenly interrupted and blocked by a clot thereby causing damage to that part of the brain tissue. But within 1 hour of treatment he started showing remarkable improvement. This treatment is called thrombolysis where continuous medicine was administered to him for 1 hour to break the clot which had blocked the passage of blood thereby restoring blood supply to that damaged part of brain. Within hours he started following instructions, speaking normally and also could lift his right hand and leg. Next morning he was able to lift a cup with his right hand which had been paralyzed the previous day & was speaking fluently with his family members. By evening he was able to walk independently without any support. This path breaking treatment where not only the life was saved but paralysis was completely restored within hours is the first documentation of its kind in North Bengal & North East India said Dr JoydeepDey.

“It is the second commonest cause of death and first leading cause of adult disability worldwide” said Stroke specialist & Neurologist Dr Joydeep Dey.

Stroke specialist Dr JoydeepDey said brain cells are very vulnerable and cannot survive for a long time without oxygen & nutrients and thusevery second counts. To avail this treatment one needs to reach a hospital where this treatment is available-at best within 3hrs, in some cases up to 4.5 hrs. In very special cases this treatment may be given even later. However most importantly, people should be able to recognise & diagnose symptoms of stroke as early as possible and transfer the patient quickly to a centre where such treatment facility is available thereby helping in saving lives and limiting disability.