700g New born survived against all odds

A new-born baby weighing a mere 700g has survived the impossible after numerous medical interventions at Neotia Getwel, Siliguri. The journey of the infant from Ventilation-CPAP-Oxygen- Without Oxygen lasted for long 75 days. In the ultrasonography it was found that there was no amniotic fluid in the sac. The case was such that, “Should the mother be saved or the child? Husband had given his consent for his wife to be saved. At last Dr. Gopal Khemka asked father, “Should the baby be saved (even if the neurological condition be at question)”. Getting yes as an answer Dr. Khemka preceded with the medical proceedings.

When the child took birth after a gestation period of 7 months she dint cry, respiration and heart rate was also very low. Dr. Khemka then, immediately intubated the baby in OT; bag and tube ventilator was started with, shifting the baby immediately to NICU and putting the baby to ventilator. During mechanical ventilation support series of interventions was made as the baby was having recurrent episodes of apnea.

Gradually baby’s condition has started improving, ventilator has been weaned off and the child has been put on CPAP. Feed was given through NG tube. Finding that the baby has started tolerating the feed well oral feed was started. After series of observation and medical proceduresthe baby has gained weight from 700- 1300 grams.

Baby after a tough strife for survival in the Intensive Neonatal Care Unit of Neotia has now recovered and has been discharged after 75 days in healthy condition . Doctor Khemka, Consultant Paediatrics & Neonatology at Neotia Getwel has strictly recommended to continue breast feeding with burping and a regular follow up be made.

Mr. Ashok Yadav, father of the baby had expressed his thankfulness to the entire team of Paediatrics and Neonatology of Neotia Getwel for their integrated approach in helping them in having their child alive . He gives special mention to Dr. Gopal Khemka, Dr. Sindhu Bala, Dr. Tsheten D. Sherpa. Dr. Saurabh, Dr. Brahmadev, Dr. Irene and the entire nursing team who have really worked hard to help them realise their lost hope of having their baby.