How to Boost your Immunity during Monsoon

The much-awaited monsoon brings along with it gusty winds and the fresh smell of clean air. But along with it comes the danger of illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses. The drop in temperature and water contamination can cause common cold, flu, malaria and typhoid. Also, the digestive system takes a beating during the monsoon. Constipation, diarrhoea and acid reflux are some of the problems that many of you may face during the monsoon. During such times, if your immune system is not functioning properly, it can make you more susceptible to a host of ailments. 

Over here we discuss ways how you can boost your immune system this monsoon so that you stay healthy while enjoying the rains: 

1. Make smart food choices: During the monsoon season, the idea of eating roadside food may sound enticing but it’s best to avoid them. Have a diet rich in green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. To avoid digestive issues, have a fibre-rich diet. Swap white rice for brown rice or quinoa, white bread for whole-grain options. If you do feel like eating out, do make sure that you eat at a place where food is cooked in hygienic conditions. 

2. Keep yourself hydrated: With the temperature dropping, people often feel less thirsty. Not staying hydrated throughout the day is not good for your health. It can cause constipation and reduce your immunity. Water is needed to transport nutrients to each organ of the body. By drinking boiled water or filtered water, you can also keep water-borne diseases at bay. 

3. Do not skip exercise: If you can’t get out for your regular run around the block due to the rains, that doesn’t mean you should skip your workout. There are several indoor exercises that you can do to keep yourself fit. Exercising regularly helps the body to flush the bacteria out of the lungs. This will help you maintain good respiratory health. Yoga and aerobics are some great forms of exercises that you can practise at home.

4. Maintain hand hygiene: The importance of maintaining good hand hygiene cannot be emphasised enough. With no respite from COVID-19 spread, you should maintain good hand hygiene at all times. Wash your hands with warm water and soap before preparing food, eating and after using the restroom. 

5. Get the flu shot: The onset of the monsoon season is the perfect time to get flu shots to protect yourself and your family from various viral diseases. As the flu shot is optional, many people skip it. But the flu shot can reduce the risk of contracting flu, influenza and its complications.  

We hope following these tips will help you stay healthy during this monsoon season. If you do fall ill, seek medical attention instead of practising self-medication. You can consult leading doctors at Neotia Getwel Healthcare Centre, a multispeciality hospital in Siliguri. You can book online teleconsultation by downloading MyHealthCare app.