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A Comprehensive Patient Guide to different Cardiac Devices and their Uses.

Cardiology is a medical specialty that deals with management of ailments of the heart. It includes diagnosis and treatment of disorders such as congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and so on. Cardiac devices are … Continue reading

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Back Pain and Its Treatment

Back pain is increasingly becoming a common problem, and at some point in life, we all will experience this ailment in some form or other. It is also one of the most common reasons people miss their work or the … Continue reading

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Ear Discharge: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Ear discharge (also known as otorrhea) refers to a condition in which a liquid like material (serous / serosanguinous) comes out of the ear.  This discharge is mostly due to earwax. It is an oil that is naturally produced by … Continue reading

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Commit To Be Fit – Healthy New Year Resolutions You Can Keep

As we have entered into the New Year, it’s time to go over our resolutions for a healthy 2022. One area to reiterate is your health. To have a fresh start for 2022, it is crucial to set health goals … Continue reading

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