20 Health Resolutions For 2020

Every time the calendar changes from December to January, the New Year signals a new beginning. 2020 means another 364 days of exciting opportunities and chances. With 2020, not only a new year has come, a whole new decade is arriving. Let 2020 be the year when you will take care of the most important person in your life ie is you. This time you are going to promise yourself a healthy beginning that can have a lasting effect on your life.

Here are 20 resolutions for a healthier and fitter you:

  1. Get moving: You don’t have to hit the gym straight away to lead a fitter life. Start with small steps like taking a staircase instead of an elevator, walking to the grocery store instead of taking your car.
  2. Find fitness buddy: Whether you want to groove to the latest numbers in your Zumba class or you want to go for daily walks, finding a workout friend can help you stick to your new resolution till the end of the year.
  3. Have a balanced diet: Fad diets don’t last. Try something doable and effective. A balanced diet full of nutrients is the best way to maintain a healthy weight.
  4. Eat at least one serving of fruits every day: Fruits are a great choice if you are planning to lose weight and keep your gut healthy. Fruits high in water and fibre are ideal for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.
  5. Eat more home-cooked food: When you cook at home, you use good quality ingredients. Instead of using artificial sweeteners and colour enhancers, you will be using fresh ingredients. This would mean less trans-fat and healthier you.
  6. Stretch your body while watching TV: Instead of being a couch potato, use your TV time to stretch your body and increase flexibility.
  7. Drink more water: Drinking water is the best way to keep your energy levels up and at the same time speed up your metabolism.
  8. Keep stress at bay: Stress and anxiety can have adverse physiological effects. Exercising can help to keep stress at bay. Talk to a counsellor if you are dealing with a stressful situation in your life.
  9. Try to sit less: Too much sitting is not good for your health. Thus, make it a point to get up from your desk to walk and stretch.
  10. Cut back on alcohol: Better sleep, better concentration and better long term health are few of the many perks of cutting down on alcohol. By drinking less, you are doing your digestive system a favour.
  11. Practise mindful eating: When you are aware of every morsel that you are putting into your mouth, not only you do portion control, you also savour every bite. Eating slowly helps your system to know when to stop.
  12. Limit screen time: A digital detox may not be possible. However, limiting screen time can reduce eyestrain and headaches. It can help improve your sleep and concentration.
  13. Take care of your teeth: Don’t wait for your tooth to ache to make an appointment with your dentist. Good oral health is essential for overall health. Regular visits to a dentist can prevent formation and build-up of plaque and tartar
  14. Be bitter to sweetened beverages: The most impactful way of losing weight and leading a healthy life is to cut down on sugary drinks. Swap soda for an unsweetened version.
  15. Dedicate one day per week for self-care: Self-care should be a priority for every one of you. You can do yoga at home or go for a run. Do anything that makes you sweat.
  16. Prioritize mental health: Just as your physical health is important, your mental health is equally important. Don’t ignore your feelings rather talk about them. If things are getting too much for you to handle, seek professional help.
  17. Be proactive about your health: Make healthcare your priority. This means you should regularly see a doctor and not wait to fall ill. People with high blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid should see the doctor at least once in three months. Regular screening tests can help you manage the symptoms of your diseases and prevent them from worsening.

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18. Get more sleep: You may think that skimping on sleep may get a few extra hours for running errands or doing other things. However, giving yourself an extra hour of sleep can do wonders for your health. A good night’s sleep can help reduce anxiety, improve heart and brain function. So, this 2020, make it a habit to go to bed just an hour earlier.

19. Cut down on caffeine: Cutting down on your daily fix of caffeine can several health benefits. Less anxiety, better sleep, efficient absorption of nutrients and whiter teeth are just a few of the perks of reducing your caffeine intake.

20.Travel the unknown: The joys and memories that you build after vacations can last long after your tan is long gone. Use the long weekends of 2020 to travel the roads not taken. Instead of just clicking pictures for social media, immerse yourself in the experience. Learn to make a local cuisine or sign up for a volunteering assignment when holidaying.

Have a happy and healthy 2020!

We hope from the above list you have picked at a few resolutions. Remember, it’s hard to stick to New Year resolutions but not impossible. If you give up midway, just don’t lose hope. Just pick up from where you left, no matter which date it is. Here’s to your health!